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Home Baseball Batting Cage System

Easiest Baseball Batting Cage System you will ever find!
Setup very quickly & efficiently! The Home Baseball Batting Cage System includes both frame and net.
Batting cage made from High-Tenacity 2.5mm x 1-3/4" HTPP (160 lb./twine) & high quality 2" powder coated steel poles.
Patent Pending Batting Cage System for as low as $689 (+s/h)
SAME DAY SHIPPING (if ordered by Noon PST, M-F)

Home Batting Cage Netting Details
(click on links for descriptive images)

The Home-Style Batting Cage Nets feature high tenacity #36 X 1-3/4" PolyPro netting (160 lb./twine), 3/8" HDPE "Posi-Lock" rope borders (on all edges + ceiling-line), an overlapping Entrance Door, and 6" Loops off all corners/lines. Netting is braided/knotless/square-mesh with 4 Units of UV Stabilization. Great for residentially-geared outdoor installations!
2" Steel Poles with Ground Sleeves make a very convenient framing system, and are available for use the 10' and 12' wide netting options.

Available Sizes:
12' X 12' X 35', 12' X 14' X 35', 10' X 10' X 40', 10' X 10' X 60',
12' X 12' X 55', 12' X 14' X 55', 12' X 12' X 70', 12' X 14' X 70'

**See Pricing & Ordering in Pull-Down Menus Below**

Pole-Layout Guideline Per Size (click for detail): 40', 60', 55', 70' (12' width)

SAVE $100+ ON 12' X 12' X 70' & 12' X 14' X 70'!

Batting Cage Net Only
select size from the menu:
Complete Batting Cage Net & Frame
select size from the menu:
Frame Poles Only
select size from the menu:

Poles/Framing & Netting Installation Guideline

home batting cage home batting net home batting cage home batting cage
The initial installation takes about an hour
(see below for details)
If you want to take the cage down and put it back up -
- it takes one person about 10 minutes to set the netting up.
And you're ready to play ball!
home batting net
The net is built with an entrance door -
home batting net
- for easy access to the
inside of the enclosure.

home batting cage home batting cage home batting cage home batting cage
The initial installation starts by
marking out where the poles will be placed.
(see links at top of page)
A special tool is included to make sure there is nothing in the way like rocks or pipes.
Each pole is anchored into soil with a special patent-pending anchor system.

home batting cage home batting net home batting net home batting net
Poles snap together with a snap-lock pin.
Poles easily slide in/out of ground anchor.
Carabiner attaches the net to poles in seconds.
A few minutes later, your cage is ready for use.

This Home-Style Batting Cage design and material (HTPP) is not available to be built to customized dimensions; however any custom-sized enclosure can be quoted and supplied from the DuPont® nylon netting. Custom enclosure nets are typically supplied in the "Professional-Style" design, although many other types of custom netting and cages are very commonly manufactured for a very large variety of customers!

Advisory: The Home-Batting Cage Poles are an excellent choice for basic residential netting installations and general function. They are not designed as a direct substitute for applications that require a permanently installed support structure, outlined here. High winds and very adverse conditions need to be considered when utilizing the Home Batting Cage Poles (please note that Gourock cannot be considered liable for damage sustained by uncontrollable circumstances).
Slide the poles out of their ground-sleeves and store them for the duration of potentially damaging wind conditions. Luckily this is quite easy to accomplish due to the intuitive nature of the product design. Consider installing permanent footings/poles and cable hardware for maximum strength and wind-resilience (tensioned-cables are not to be connected between the Home Batting Cage Poles).

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