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Netting, Mesh, and Screening

Gourock specializes in supplying a large variety of netting, mesh, and screening/fabric materials for a very wide spectrum of uses and applications. Available options allow for custom sizes as well as typical/common dimensions, and there are many twine thicknesses, mesh sizes, and materials available for your needs.
Select/click from the netting categories below for details, pricing, and to place your online order.


Common/General-Sized Netting

Netting sections and bordered panels that are conveniently ordered by selecting from typical/general sizes and dimensions. This is a very popular ordering option that is quick and efficient.
Options Include:

  poly netting

Netting By The Square Footage

Netting options that are priced and supplied by the square foot, according to nearly any particular sizing/dimensions that you require.
Options Include:

  nylon netting

Industrial Fabrics

Tightly-woven barrier and containment materials that have much smaller mesh openings than typical nets. Supplied and priced by the square footage allowing for ordering specific sizes and dimensions to fit our requirements.
Options Include:

  shade screen

Customized/Commercial Netting Productions

Highly customized netting productions supplied to a wide variety of commerical, scholastic, professional, municipal, and private customers. Manufactured from the highest-quality DuPont® Type 66-728 Twisted-Knotted Nylon Netting, very detailed and specialized netting sizes and shapes are available to be quoted and shipped in a timely fashion.

  custom netting

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